September 09, 2011

Homemade Monsters - Scorpions and Bats

I am currently running a campaign in Athas (Dark Sun world) and I sometimes want the adventurers to face some specific monsters that would fit the situation. And, to my surprise, even with three Monster Manuals, two Monster Vaults, and other books with monsters, I don't find everything that I need.

Usually I just make some minor adjustments and re-skinning of some monster and that fits just well into the game. But other times I have to mix and design new abilities and attacks that I imagine the creature having. And that is the case of the monster and NPCs I will post on these articles I shall name "Homemade Monsters".

The first two creatures I will be presenting are the "Giant Desert Scorpion" and the "Blood Bat Swarm". They were both made for an adventure I ran on my Dark Sun campaign.

Giant Desert Scorpion

These creatures roam the deserts of Athas hunting for food, be it other animals or sentient humanoids. They are highly violent and wonder in groups of three or four, but on the Season of Sun Descending they meet in couples to copulate. They are known to be trained by intelligent races as guard animals and hunting animals.

Blood Bat Swarm

Blood bats are vicious creatures that hunt other creatures for their blood to satisfy their thirst on the deserts of Athas. They live in large groups on ancient ruins across the table lands. They favor the rocky badlands and storny barrens over sand wastes, because they offer better places to hide from the sun.

Well, those are the first two creatures I created for the campaign I am running. Next time, I will show you a villain I made for the campaign that's going to play a big part in the heroic tier.

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