September 22, 2011

Campaign Report - The Price of Freedom - 05

The party had just arrived to the Caravan Gate of Tyr and the ex-templar in the group, Abbadon (Ranger) spotted among the Templars scouring the people entering an old rival, Cubda. She was a merciless templar who, many believe, have murdered, bribed, robbed and done everything she could to climb higher on the hierarchy of Tyrin templars. The ranger, then, decided he was going to hide among the people they were rescuing in a attempt to hide from Cubda.

When their time to be inspected came, Cubda thought they were trying to get in Tyr with slaves, since there were a lot of people cramped inside a small wagon and was about to threaten the group and ask for a bribe when she saw Abbadon inside the wagon and realised that he would be a slave then. She was happy with that and just asked the group to treat him badly. They were all relieved.

Once they got inside the City-State they were surprised by the number of people on the streets. They saw merchants from very different places, children running all around, beggers asking for food or ceramic bits and so on. After a few minutes walking around, a young girl, about 12 years old, came to them screaming the name of Eben, the ex-gladiator. The girl's name was Bila, and she was a fan of gladiators fights. The group spent some time talking to the girl while she was asking all kinds of questions, such as what they were up too, who were those people they were with and she was quite excited to hear they rescued those people from slavers. After a while she offered to guide them through the streets of Tyr. The group then decided to get the people to where they wanted to go, and they all left, thanking the group for all the help and soon they were just with Bila and the son of Virdan Suazil, and to his house they went. On the way to the noble's house the girl was attacked by a merchant with three half-giants bodyguards. They hitted the kid with no mercy and that infuriated the characters (and the players as well, they were quite pissed at me). So combat began and although the thugs dashed out a good amount of damage, the group ended up defeating them and getting the merchant arrested for trouble after rolling a 20 on intimidate against the guards who arrived later.

They arrived at Suazil's Manor after a short rest and were recieved by guards. They announced they rescued Virdan's son and were rapidly taken inside and asked to wait for the patriarch of the house to talk to them. Virdan arrived and was very happy to see his child again. He thanked the group and asked them to stay for a few days to rest and would talk to them the next day. The group then made themselves confortable and later Eben and Errich took Bila back home. On the way, they realised they were being followed and decided to spend the night with Bila and her mother at the humble house they had in the Warrens of Tyr.

On the next day, they all met again, back in the Suazil's manor. Virdan was waiting for them in his office and thanked the group again, offering 500 gold bits and a sword capable of amplifying psichic strenght. The group talked to Virdan about what happened and he explained the situation in Tyr. In the beggining, the party suspected that Virdan was involved on the sacrifice attempted against his own son's life, but after all the talk they were convinced Virdan was not involved. Suazil explained that the City-State is barely in order. The new King, Tithian has managed to stay on top because he is trying not to confront any major groups in Tyr, at least for now. His, and some other noble houses supported the rebellion against Kalak, and that has giving them the hatred of the majority of templars and other noble houses who were in good terms with the Sorcerer-King. With Kalak out of the picture, various groups in Tyr began struggling for influence and sabotaging one another to attain power. Chaos spread over the City-State and many groups formed to fight for its own causes. The player's showed them the symbol they found with Szur, and ex-templar, demonic sorcerer, and Suazil recognised it as the symbol of "The True", a group of people dedicated to bringing Kalak back to the throne of Tyr. He said that this group had many allies in the city, and sometimes worked together with other groups to secure more influence. Virdan said that he would use some contacts he had to try to track down who were involved with the slavers and would talk to the group if he discovered something.

The party decided that they should go back and finish the job they were initially paid to do, deliver the cargo of House Ghadir to their representatives in Urik, and they began walking toward the Caravan Gate again, and that's when they realised they were being followed again, but now by more people and were starting to being surrounded. What happened after that? Well, let's wait for the next report.

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