July 27, 2011

Campaign Report - The Price of Freedom - 02

After recovering from the battle against the bloodsucking plant and the Id Fiend, the party studied the map they found with Volkur and found out they could follow two different paths to get to the slaver's hideout. The first was longer, but the path was easier to follow, it went through flat sand wastes and dried river courses. The second was shorter, but it would pass through canyons and stony barrens, making it hard on the party's vigor.

After considering each one, they decided to go through the shorter but harder path. They felt they had no time to waste and they needed to be quick. Guided by Arbitria (Druid) and Abbadon (Ranger) they followed the path until the spotted two individuals on the path ahead, a half-giant carrying a huge obsidian great sword, and a halfling carrying a spear with a very roguish appearance. The group tryied to hide and observe the couple, but Eben (Battlemind) did not manage to stay silently.

This lead to a fierce discussing about who was who, and what do each group wanted, and where they were heading. In the end, both realized they were after the same guys (The slaver Szur) and they decided to join forces to go after them.

July 24, 2011

Homemade Character Sheet - Alpha Version

Hello fellow delvers. I've pondering about making a character sheet to use on my own games and I finally made one. It's not perfect, I know, but it's my first version, alpha version let's say. My next step will be making power cards to go with this sheet.

I am currently running a Dark Sun game every other Sunday, and I have a good number of inexperience players at the table (I am quite rusty myself, rediscovering rules every session), so I still plan on making custom sheets for them, simpler than this one, similar to the one that WotC gives away with the D&D Encounters and events. When I get those done, I will post them here also.

For now, this is the character sheet I made. If anyone has any suggestions to add, please comment! If you have any character sheet you consider the best, say where I can get it so I can get some inspiration!

July 10, 2011

DM Aid - Combat Tracking Sheet

Last sunday I ran my first D&D game in the last two and a half years (many things lead me to focus on other things in my life for that time, but now I am back). So I was kinda of rusty in remembering some details, although I've read rules all over again, and a lot of source books.

One problems I saw me running at over and over was remembering the conditions affecting my players. I would say he was knocked prone and explain what was that in game terms but on his turn he would just act normally. I did not keep track of who was prone, who as dazed, I was hoping the player's themselves would. My mistake. So I was browsing through my stuff when I found an old combat tracking sheet I used few years I go and decided it was time to bring it back.

I redesigned it, including some new entries and took out others. I don't know if this will he it's final version, I will have to try it out on our next session, next sunday, to see if I need to add something more.

I made two versions, one colored with a parchment background and one just black and white.

July 06, 2011

Campaign Report - The Price of Freedom - 01

Last sunday, july 3rd, we gathered for our first game session. We've met before to discuss what kind of campaign we wanted, but this would be our first time actually playing. The group is composed of 7 people, me as the DM and 6 friends. For the first time I can recall my group has an equal number of female and male members.

This first session only 4 out of the 6 players showed up (one was traveling and the other was sick). The characters created were the following: Eben, a male battlemind mul, that after helping the rebellion to free Tyr of Kalak decided to set higher objectives and spread the good wherever he would go; Arbitria, a female half-elf Sentinel Druid, that, despite her relationship with the spirits of Athas, is more interested in taking advantage over those spirits to achieve her goals;  Abbadon, a male human Scout Ranger, a former Templar of Tyr that abandoned his post during the rebellion and now lives as a head-hunter and mercenary; and Althea, a female eladrin seeker, who lost her home to the defilers of Athas and now roam the world in search for vengeance and a meaning to survive. The party formed because of the circumstances in Tyr and the need to get resources to survive in the chaotic states of affair in the city.