August 14, 2011

Custom Made Character Sheets for my Dark Sun Campaign

Ok, this is more of a "show off" post than an actual helpful or insightful post. But you can probably take something good out of this, like how is it nice to invest some time into making good things to give to your players to make them more interested in your game and wanting to come back for more.

And that's not everything. On our first two sessions we were using the usual character builder sheets, and although it's complete and have everything they need to play, it's like five freaking pages long. So the player's (who are not all veteran 4th edition players) had to turn pages all around to search for things they needed to see, and the sheets had a lot of information they did not need or did not need at their level. So I decided to make one that would be smaller (just one sheet printed on both sides) with everything they needed. I made it look good too and have a Athasian feel but still look clean. They LOVED IT.

I was quite happy to see their excitement with the sheet. Even they guys on a local print house enjoyed it and asked about the game, where I played and if I made the sheets by myself or if I had downloaded it. It's nice to be recognized for your hard DM work.

Of course I have to print one every time they level up, but I get to keep the sheets and reuse them in a one-shot adventure I decide to run on some event or con. So it's all good.

Here are the links of the pdf files for the character sheets of my players. Right now they are one level 2 heroes. My next ambition as a DM/Designer is to make some reward cards for the players that participate in our Obsidian Portal campaign page.

Abbadon (Human Scout)
Arbitria (Human Bard/Shaman)
Eben (Mul Battlemind)
Errich (Halfling Monk)
Rain (Shifter Ranger)

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