August 17, 2011

Campaign Report - The Price of Freedom - 03

After chasing two slavers into the ancient temple, the adventures found out that it still had some working traps. They managed to avoid them but the shaman's spirit companion wasn't so lucky.

The group was still hearing sounds of people talking loudly ahead and decided to go forward instead of checking the door on the right side of the room they were in. The corridor ahead was in total darkness so the battlemind and the shaman picked up a torch each and started moving.

They soon reached a small room with four pillars in the center and saw what seemed to be a corpse on the far side of the room behind a pillar. The battlemind decided to look a little closer and saw that the man behind the pillar was still alive, but paralyzed, his eyes still moving and looking at them with terror. At this moment giant scorpions plunged at the group. The battle was fierce, the scorpions had a venom that could immobilize and deal ongoing poison damage, and once bloodied they would deal acid damage to every creature adjacent to them. It was a fun combat. One of the largest scorpions ran away into a passage to the right when his companion and all of his hatchlings were killed.

The group then looked at a corridor on the left side of the room and saw light coming from the end of it and the sound of voices were louder now, they were finally getting to the slavers. They ran over there and found them almost ready to leave with almost twenty slaves cramped on the back of a cart pulled by an inix (a large reptile). The fight began with the adventures trying to prevent the slavers to flee with the prisoners. During the fight, Szur, a former templar o Tyr, ran into a room south of the group and locked himself in with a child slave the group was trying to save (the son of a tyrian noble). As the battle rage on, the group started to feel an unnatural chill as if necrotic energy as flowing toward the room Szur went inside. After a few rounds of combat the hill where they were started shaking and rocks began to fall all around, almost hitting them.

The chart with the slaves started moving and the group was separated with the monk and the barbarian stopping the chart with the slaves and the rest of the party fighting the last slavers on the top of the hill. As soon the slavers were defeated (one surrendered), they turned to the entrance to the room Szur was in. All of a sudden a huge tremor shake the hill to its foundations and the monk (who was returning after successfully stopping the chart) almost was pushed off a cliff. The group manage to figure out how to open the door with runes and diagrams and found inside a transformed Szur and a dying child on top of an altar, drained of almost all his life force.

The battle started with the group not in top shape. Szur offered them the opportunity to leave since he already got what he was looking for, the vital energy to transform himself. The group did not like the offer and attacked. The fight was rough, and two of the adventurers fell on the floor dying but Szur was seriously wounded also, so he decided to flee to fight another day (the party just got a recurring villain, yey!). In his escape, Szur killed the barbarian of the group who decided to run after him alone while the rest of the group was trying to save the dying companions and the child. It was kind of dramatic since he died right at the turn the battlemind reached him to try a heal check.

This session ended right this time. The group had saved the slaves and the child, but Szur has escaped. The sun of Athas was descending behind the Ringing Mountains, and the night was almost upon them. The desert can be deadly when the chill of the night comes and they had almost twenty fragile, wounded and terrified ex-slaves with them. What are they going to do? Don't miss the next episode!

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